Hi, my name is Jaylynn and I like long days in the kitchen, red wine, cozy conversations, fried chicken (flats-fried hard), honey glazed roasted sprouts, and just about anything sweet.

More importantly-

I LOVE inspiring people to dive into their purpose and pursue their passions. If cooking and baking is your thing, then you’re in the right place and I’m so glad to have you. I have big dreams of opening my own dessert and tapas bar in the near future. I image it being very cozy, lots of natural light, moody furniture, unique mauve accents, and of course a bomb playlist. It’ll be a vibe. Until then, ALittleFood.com is where I share my original & adapted recipes, playlists, and cozy vibes.

My love for cooking and baking is inspired by early and long mornings in the kitchen with my mother as her sous-chef and chief “measurer”. My Mom is an amazing cook and baker, she taught me well. My other source of inspiration is my Grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Little who cooked like none other. I don’t know how she did it or what she did but somehow EVERYTHING tasted so good. To have a seat at her kitchen table was an experience and I miss her (and her food) every day.

A Little Food was inspired by YOU! I have always enjoyed cooking and after months of posting food and cooking videos to my Instagram Stories, my followers and friends pushed me to create a blog to document the process and recipes. So, here we are and I am absolutely loving this food journey. Everything from the recipe development, food photography, and seeing all your delicious creations of my recipes on social media excites me, fuels me, and really inspires me to stay creative in the kitchen!!

My Goal here is to help you cook better and entertain your guests like a pro, all while staying cozy!