Not your average chewy chocolate chip cookies

So here’s the thing… I know the world doesn’t need another chocolate chip cookie, but hey, why not?! I wouldn’t share it with you if it wasn’t so doggone good. I struggled with the naming this cookie because it’s a classic cookie with a few subtle surprises that any chocolate chip cookie lover would appreciate. … Continue Reading

Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

I grew up on cookies. Actually, I grew up on A LOT of cookies. At the age of 10 most kids my age were happy to have some Oreos or Chips Ahoy in their lunch boxes. My sister and I had cookies that we only saw in baking magazines in our lunches. My mother was … Continue Reading

Red Velvet Affogato Ice Cream Sandwiches

You ever have a dessert that’s so good you can’t stop thinking about it? I know I’m not the only one. So a couple years ago I visited SUCCOTASH restaurant at the National Harbor in Maryland and they have a dessert called Red Velvet Affogato. I tried it and it was the best $6 I … Continue Reading


“It tastes like Christmas!” …and there you have it. This granola recipe is pure joy in the morning, afternoon, and it will even satisfy a late night craving. Yeah that good. If had to describe it even further (which I do) I would say it’s kinda sweet and kinda buttery. But then the honey, cinnamon, … Continue Reading


You ever just want a good brownie, like now? Like, right right now?? Without the fuss. Say no more, I got you. This recipe is for those who bake on occasion or even for seasoned bakers who need to whip up quick batch of delicious brownies on the fly.  So growing up my mom made … Continue Reading